Becoming A Member

If the Islanders MC sounds like something you want to be a part of, we accept new members.


Learn how to join our club

Monthly Club Business Meetings are held at 8:pm on the first Wednesday of every month.
We meet at the MC League located at 46 Ontario Ave, Staten Island NY

Club related business is formally discussed and voted on at these meetings. In addition, rides and event details are planned at these meetings. This is a private bar, Guests and Prospective Members are welcome by invitation. Speak to one of our members to make your intentions know.

Our “Dive Bar Tour” (yup, it’s just what it sounds like) is normally every Wed except the first Wed of the month. Every week is a new location. This and the weekend rides are where a prospective member will hang around so both he and the club can determine if membership is appropriate.

Rides are posted on the web site several times a month. Check the CALENDAR for destinations and details. Guests and prospective members are welcome..

The Islanders Motorcycle Club of Staten Island New York was established in 1968